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I have the Jon Foreman CD's, but haven't listened to them yet. How's the Jason Gray?

I'm working on my "best of 2008" list of CD's and most of what I've been listening to goes into figuring that out. But, I got R.E.M.'s newest CD, "Accelerate" off of Amazon today for $5 and have been listening to it. Very good.


Nice--I'm checking out the REM cd. Jason Gray is just nice listening. One guy and his guitar live telling stories with words and songs.

Jelani Greenidge

Sho Baraka feat Trip Lee, "Slow It Down" (ironic title)
Cam, "Still Cleaning" (arena rock-rap combo)
Alvin Slaughter, "O Give Thanks" (high octane gospel)
Cece Winans, "Worthy" (same)
Charlie Hall, "My Brightness" (feel-good vertical pop-rock)
Deitrick Haddon, "I Need Your Help" (gotta listen to this one in its entirety, don't just trust the only preview)
Derek Webb, "Name" (great political commentary)
DJ Maj, "So Free" (a nice tropical illusion for those bleak Chicago winter days)
NewWorldSon, "Workin' Man" (listen to this and just TRY driving the speed limit)
Remedy Drive, "What Happens [At the End]" (same)
Tye Tribbett, "Prodigal Son," "All Hail the King," "Bless the Lord (Son of Man)" (I guarantee, you've NEVER heard gospel music like this)
Shachah, "Stand Up" (fun little rap/rock combo)
Tommy Walker, "I Have A Hope" (great corporate praise anthem)
Phanatik, "95 Degree Angles" (thought-provoking story, funny ending)
Mary Mary, "Dirt" (mellow urban pop ditty)
Dave Barnes, "Since You Said I Do" (if you're in the doghouse, listen and repeat)


Thanks for the ideas music man. I've grabbed several on your suggestion.


I confess I do not own an iPod. I had a generic MP3 player, but it barely worked. You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for."

Anyway, you NEED Patty Griffin's most current(?) album, 'Children Running Through'.

You have not lived until you hear the song 'Heavenly Day'!

And 'I Don't Ever Give Up' has kept me going more days than I can count.

In fact... I need to put it on right now!


I think Patty Griffin and Emmylou were separated at birth. I'll check out Children Running Through. Thanks for the knowledge.

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