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I married the most beautiful redhead on the planet when I was 20. After 15+ years I still can't figure out how she keeps loving me--but she does. Pretty awesome. We've lived in Chicago for almost 14 years and it feels like home, rat dander and all. We have a pile of kids--sometimes we even remember their names (Jaley, Tyce, Lena and Olivia). Since they outnumber us I try to be scary to keep them under control but it doesn't always work.

I'm a part of a very special ministry team at New Life Community Church ( I spend my time leading teams, meeting with people and thinking, praying and dreaming about what could be at New Life, especially New Life Lakeview, Lincoln Park and the North side of Chicago. I serve in the role of location pastor and genuinely enjoy it. I plan to keep pastoring and husbanding and fathering here in Chicago for the long haul.