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Wow, I really had no idea about this!


The Christ Church of Wrigleyville changed it's name and now meets at a different location a few blocks away. It is going to move locations once again to the Brixen Ivy location. Just because the location is no longer being used - does that mean the church is no longer meeting?


K, thanks for your comments. I am familiar with the Church of Wrigleyville/Christ Church of Wrigleyville history having met with their church leaders. I'm really glad to hear the Church of Wrigleyville will be moving back into that building on Addison for services. That is a great space for worship gatherings. And certainly there are other great churches that rent property in our city--New Life Covenant's rental of Clemente High School comes to mind.

My concern in my posts related to dechurchification is the loss of dedicated worship space through the sale and dissolution of property in the city of Chicago. A couple subsequent posts get into more of the details on that matter. Thanks again for the update on Church of Wrigleyville. I need to reconnect with Pastor Josh.

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