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Oddly enough, I was just reading an article about something very similar yesterday:

Basically, people are becoming so much more prone to "keep their option open", and put off being an adult with actual commitments and responsibilities. The result isn't increased happiness and satisfaction, but a whole lot of children in grown-up suits.

I love the idea of "Choose Joy" as a series. I can definitely envision texts that would get major play (Mat 6, Heb 10:32-12:2, Jer 2:11-13). Sounds like it could be really awesome.


I think you're on to something. The world would have you believe that you're happy once you're in a Pacific Life Commercial watching whales surface. While life can be complicated and throw curve balls, Christians have to get a grip on "options" and "happiness." Maybe then we'll look less like the world and more like Jesus.


Interesting thought. The more options I have, the less I am focusing on and enjoying the choices already made. There are times when options are necessary though. When looking for an apartment one time, I received some good advise from the guy showing us different apartments. He said that we should not have several options on the table as eventually you will confuse the aspects of each option. Instead, take a heavyweight contender approach. The first option becomes the defending champ. The next option is either the new champ or it is not. All new options are compared to the heavyweight champ only, until the decision is made. It has usually worked out that I have an Aha moment when I find the champ I've been looking for.

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