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Nate C.

Neat video. Thanks to Pastor Edward for bringing this and to you for sharing. Encouraging to see God's hand at work in such a place.

Something that often strikes me about places like these slums and just people living in terrible conditions is the amazing resilience they often have. God's grace is there whether we choose to see it or not. Many of us, given the same situation, would simply curl up somewhere and give up, but they persist. Yes, the depth of the poverty is astounding, but the grace of God manifested in people's lives (something that people mistakenly call "the human spirit," I believe) is greater still.

holy land tours

This video gives the clear view of west Pokot...How difficult it is for people to live there and what diffulties they are facing..dirty water is what they drink still try to survive but these fight against their destiny and enjoy their life even in these circumstances...heads off to them..we people who have all facility should learn something from them atleast the way to live life...backgroung is so sweet...i like it

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a visual picture of the largely unreached people of West Pokot

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gives a visual picture of the largely unreached people of West Pokot

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