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Wow, that is so cool. I actually didn't realize the reputation of the area until I moved here. People raise their eyebrows when they hear where I am.

But honestly, it's not as wild as I thought it would be, at least in my experience. Obviously I don't go to the bars, and I'm usually home by 10-10:30.

I've missed the last two Gay Pride Parades because of church. I came home at the very tail end of it last year and saw some of those 'Rev.' Phelps - type people with their horrible signs that say 'God hates fags'. They were screaming, the paraders were screaming back and the cops were trying to keep them on opposite sides of the street. It was awful.

Why would they want to have anything to do with Christians, if that's how they see us? It makes me sick when I see that kind of thing. People are just people. No one needs to be screamed at in that way.


Very courageous and loving of you to put yourself in those situations. You will be an exception in the minds of these men. Regardless of their stereotypes of "Christians," they won't be able to think of us as a hateful monolith without being reminded of your awkward but gracious foray into their world.


Thanks, Pastor Kevin, for sharing God's message with these men and for stepping out into the Boystown community. I pray that your type of "pastoring" isn't an "exception" but the reality. God willing-charge on.

Steve Fuentes

Very interesting Kevin!

I'm sure it was quite an experience to say the least.

And to think, you and Josh did it wearing leather chaps! :0 j/k

Great job of learning your community!


"And to think, you and Josh did it wearing leather chaps!"

Dude, that's not even funny.

Steve Fuentes

Come on Nate...lighten up!

Did you see the "j/k" which means "just kidding?"

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