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John Palmieri

Hey Kevin,

The permanent closing of Church doors never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure that many more are on the brink...the edge...of throwing in the towel and thinking that there just aren't anymore options. My prayer is that churches that feel they are on the edge of closing their doors would realize that the edge doesn't necessarily mean the end...but just maybe the beginning -- an opportunity for something Fresh and New. After being a part of three restarts, two of which I was intimately involved...I've become a firm believer that what looks like the death of a church could very well be the closest to a fresh start then they have ever been before. Oh, God increase our faith - help us to see with your eyes and to have a true Kingdom mentality. Peace - appreciate your blog!


God mourns with us as we stand jaw dropped at news like this. God's will will prevail.

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