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Good insights. Certain cultures have initiation rights or ceremonies from childhood to manhood. Maybe because we didn't give people a date with tasks to complete by that date, then procrastination has taken hold.

Also, you hit a point with your green tights comment. Think of our superhereos. Batman (armored at least), Spiderman, Flash, Fantastic Four, etc. They all wear tights. I understand that loose clothing can get caught in machinery (think of the cape examples from The Incredibles), but our heroes wear tights. Has that affected our manhood, or do we all need to start wearing tights as part of our manhood?


I vote for all the pastors in tights for next year's Christmas photo! Hee!


"Choncho, sometimes, when you are a man, you have to wear your stretchy pants..."


I don't think I can contribute to this conversation chain??!?!


i don't understand ur comment kevin... too much info about pan..peter pan grew up but if i remember when he was older he wasn't such a good person in a movie. yet , when he went back he remember how it was to be a kid. with william robin. but if ur talking about the animation yeah they are too childish. but sometimes when u grow older u lose your self in working u forget what is import ur family even if ur not lokin for manhood. i ask u ur self kevin ur happy and what makes u happy...ur answer God. ... and i guess family. the whole point in this life is not if ur marry or have kids i think is finding God.


Mario, welcome to the blog. Glad to have your participation. The imagery of Peter Pan syndrome refers to the negative consequences of a boy who refuses to take on the responsibilities of a man at the time when it is right for him. That is the thrust of my comments. However, retaining the wonder and joy of life like a child is definitely something I highly value. Two separate issues. No illustration is perfect; there are always limits to what an illustration will accomplish. Thanks again for participating in the conversation.

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