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Viva Jesus!

This picture of Jesus looks very similar to a Central American revolutionary Che Guevera--or as most people recognize him, the guy on the Rage Against The Machine t-shirt. Thankfully Jesus is neither Republican, Democrat or a socialist!


The revolutionary connection was intentional. (We used it on Revolutionary t shirts this summer.) And you are quite right--Jesus has no party affiliation. "He did not entrust himself to men because he knew what was in the heart of a man." Viva la Revolucion!


There is a book that just came out this month that you may want to check into.

Jesus For President:Politics for Ordinary Radicals. I heard it was a great read. Not sure if the link below will work.



Eric, you rock! Thanks for recommendation! I'm ordering it today. I'm familiar with Shane Claiborne. He's part of the vanguard of the new monastic movement. Radical simplicity. Thanks for the lead.

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