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Jelani Greenidge

Matt Foley's minus the river? That's hilarious, bro. Good stuff.

Next time get video of Tyce on the Wii. I would love to watch that.

I hear you on the being-anonymous-at-church thing. It's wonderful.

Holly and I took a car trip too, though ours was much shorter (Seattle).


Thanks for the shout, Jelani. You were the third person to ask for video so...

Jelani Greenidge

Ha... that was hilarious. I especially enjoyed hearing Gil say, "how can you tell who's winning????"

"it's the explosions, ... and then the little pie chart shows his health meter going down."

Nothing like a little video game tutorial to bring the family together. =)

Kevin I also enjoyed hearing you egging him on.

"Man, Tyce... he's lightin' you up!"

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