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I took something different away from this article.

According to this it seems that those within the church, who claim to be followers of Christ, don't even know what worldview even means. (I have read about this many, many times.)

Christians need to know not just the basics of their own faith, but also that it is a worldview that affects every area of life. And then they need to learn how to relate that worldview to the those outside the church.

Michael Atto

Dear Pastor Kevin & readers,
If the statistics from the book "Unchristian" are accurate that only 20% of Americans are devout Christians or "born again", then is the church in America ready for a revival? Is the church in America ready to address our present society? Is American Christianity-the church in America (Catholic, Protestants) understanding of its present society? Lets review our recent American History: 1. The church willfully ignored the issues affecting our country in the sixties. These issues still affect us today. 2. In the last eight years the church in America, especially protestant, have been more "political" than "moral"-meaning simply standing up for what is right or wrong gracefully, respectfully but firmly. The result is a country deeply divided, hurting & angry. What may be worse is that Jesus has become a political figure in the negative sense. Has our Faith been represented sincerely, genuinely, & accurately in our politically correct society? For years churches, Christians & myself have prayed for a revival in this country. Perhaps we dont need to pray for a revival. Perhaps revival will start when the church is in a better state & position to welcome an age of revival. And let us not be naive as we may have been in the past & in recent times. A revival will only come when the church is willing to live in its time & face society & its present conditions: to bear the burdens of our fellow man, address the injustices of our society, heal the sick (the body & soul), etc.
The church is suppose to be the instrument for revival. If there is a revival in this country then it will start with us-our attitude & mentality. We are the church.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
Michael Atto

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