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Jelani Greenidge, a.k.a. G*Natural

So this begs the question, then... do you want your Lions to get a W this year, or would you rather them enter the history books as the first team to go oh-fer-the-season?


That is a great question. I am pulling for an oh-fer-the-season. If we can't be good at winning, we might as well be legendary at losing. And yes, I am bitter. The Lions futility is epic--EPIC!--and I've been a fool of a fan my whole life. I am strongly considering changing my rooting interests to another NFL team. (Is that allowed?)


Christmas is about receiving - see...I know what I'm talking about.


Sometimes the best gift in a hopeless season is a reminder of better times.
That is the best Christmas gift ever! would you also like the Jason Hanson collection? :)


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