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Two suggestions.

1) Since you are going to take the time to shovel anyway, talk to the neighbors who may not be able to shovel for themselves, use their folding chair, and 'save' the spot for them, so as not to be taken by the 'neighbor' two blocks over.

2) Get a 4 wheel drive vehicle and skip shoveling completely. As a bonus, you can 'off-road' in empty spots to knock down the ruts and pack the snow.

Eric Runyan

I was in almost the exact same situation yesterday, down to the unworthiness of the aforementioned bracelet.

I will do better next time.


I snorted when I read your comment Eric. I will do better as well. I'm putting it in my manhood plan. I want that bracelet.


I own two AWDs and hadn't touched a shovel to snow yet this winter. So I dug out three "charity" spaces today. Praying they bless someone.


Anon that's taking it to another lovel. (Spelling error on purpose.)


Never wish in front of a designer, Pastor Kevin. ;)

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