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Lowry's invocation was the worst part. As Christians we need to think, and not compromise. Sometimes the enemy is sneaky. I think that was clear in some of the conversations in The Srewtape Letters.

Are you drinking the koolade, or is there something in the water in Chicago?

We need to be discussing as Christians what we are called to and what we can do now. As Christians we are called to respect the office, not the man. I know this is a fine line, but especially in your position, I think some of your comments appear that you are being peaceful for the sake of peace, rather than really standing up for Scripture.

I know that nobody wants to say anything bad about Obama, so as not to appear racist. Until recently I spent many, many years at a biracial Church. I am not a racist. But I am also not afraid to stand up for what is right, good and scriptural. Nice to have so many mentions of God this morning, but until he stands up for ending the killing of babies, then there will be blood on his hands. And as Christians, we should not be afraid to say this.


Coleen, I choose not to let this become a forum for political argument. The commentary I offered was a reaction to an undeniable important moment in the social history of this country.

For views on my voting, refer to the archive back in November.


Yes, I read that.


I read what you posted back then.

Steve Fuentes

Being "Brown," I'm glad I can "stick around."

Actually, Rick Warren did the invocation, and Lowery did the benediction.

Kudos to Rick Warren for being the only Christian to name the name of Jesus that day!

Peace out Kev!

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