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The transaction he is talking about, for me, defines Biblical (NT) prophecy. It is the moment in which I hear a word and in which I realize, "GASP! God has been speaking to me." When I hear from SOMEONE ELSE what God has been speaking to my heart, it resonates, it is confirmed, it challenges me. This is fellowship with Jesus. Preachers (no offense) would necessarily think of these moments as occurring during a sermon, but there are many contexts in which prophecy can be received -- any spiritual discipline can be the backdrop. He usually deals with me during fellowship, service, or private prayer & study. Then I sometimes gasp when a sermon happens to touch the current hot topic the Holy Spirit is highlighting. In other words, my own life and work is the context, not necessarily the sermon series.


Totally--its "as deep calls to deep". A person hearing nothing from God when alone will hear nothing from God when hearing preaching. Its the Nathanael-principle. What shocks me is when I discover that my private thoughts and experiences are confirmed by a word given independent of and disconnected from that moment.

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