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I'm glad for this post, because I think it's the single biggest problem we have today, even the church. (Which baffles me to no end!)

But I also have to point out that it is just not a matter of having a biblical worldview as far as religious matters. We must have a biblical worldview about everything:

- family relationships
- work
- leisure time
- entertainment/pop culture
- art/literature/music
- sports
- finances
- science
- politics/public policy

And probably other things I am forgetting. In other words, the Bible informs all of life, not just what we would commonly think of as the "spiritual" aspects of life.

It is easy to see how the Bible speaks to some of these things because it does so explicitly. (Ex: family, work.) In some of the other areas it gets a bit tricky because we have to go by principles, not always a specific passage or verse along the lines of, "Thou shalt/shalt not ___".

This requires some thought and some effort.

The fact that many people don't even realize that the Bible speaks to ALL of life is what gets me.

We should be able to stop wherever we are right now, whatever we happen to be doing and off the top of our head be able to answer the question, "What is God's perspective on this?"

Whenever we watch a movie, hear a song, read a book or read a newspaper article we should be able to answer the question, "What is the philosophical idea being presented here? Is it consistent with God's view of this subject matter?"

Start looking at life that way and you'll be blown away by how completely immersed we are in lies, 24/7. Like that singer did in the other post, we need to step right into those lies - whether big or small - and expose that darkness for what it is.


RE: less than .5% of adults age 18 to 23 have a biblical worldview...

I work in a K-8 public school. Evolution is assumed and taught, even to the point where teachers aren't really allowed to even mention that other possibilities (e.g. Intelligent Design, Creationism) even exist. Then these students grow up and don't believe in a God existing that is currently in control. Humm.

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