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Dan Johnson

"...image is nothing, text and authenticity is everything."
Thank You! If more of us would try harder to be other-worldly and not dumb down the Gospel trying to be hip, the global impact of Christianity would be far greater.


"The Coalition, as represented at the conference, is very white, very male, quite Reformed, and oriented heavily toward what is preached. If the Coalition is going to have broader impact, it needs to navigate a bigger river in my estimation."

First of all, it is male because it is directed at Pastors as it should be.
Not just quite reformed, but very reformed. And since Time mag names the New Calvinists one of the ten things changing America right now,28804,1884779_1884782_1884760,00.html naming even some of these, we should pay attention.

What I like about most of these guys is they care more about Christ than culture. They care more about the correct preaching of the word than feel good messages, (In Time Keller's words 'Historical Redemptive Expository Preaching') Which is biblical Preaching, and they recognize the current Evangelical Crisis which has sold out Christ for the sake of culture.

Why do they not navigate a bigger river?? Because too many don't want to swim it.

Coleen Sharp
Brighton, CO

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