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Your plans for Serve Our City can be an awesome outreach in your neighborhood and a bonding time for the folks in the church.

Our church is one of about 17 churches participating in CAREFEST this weekend (May 2). We have all come together in this little corner of DuPage County and we're loving our neighbors in real and tangible ways. Our church will be doing some landscaping for a local elementary school, at their request. We did this last year and then followed up in the fall with the planting of tulips. How cool to drive by and see them blooming now. I wish you the best as you plan.

Our actions speak louder than words, many times.


Thanks for sharing that Charlene! Great to hear how kingdom works are happening in your neck of the woods. Blessings on you and Scott.

Matt Mason

This sounds excellent Kevin! Make sure and get photos if you can. I'd love to see some of the projects.

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