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Romans is such a great read when it comes to a clear understanding of the gospel. Not only is it beneficial to us in our day, but you can see how many of the words were a response to some of what was happening in the New Testament Church and the struggles they were facing. It was hard for some to understand how the law fit into the grace that Jesus showered on us. It is as if Paul is hammering the point that it is by grace alone. Reminding us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, that it is finished, our salvation is bought and payed for. And then in answer to the question, should we continue sinning that grace may abound, May it never be!!

And yet so many struggle with the understanding of law and gospel, and where it is our good works fit in.

Romans makes it clear though. An understanding of the uses of the law, Guilt grace and gratitude, and an encouragement to not be ashamed of the gospel, but to be preaching it, with clarity to all the world.

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